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What Is The MetaBoost Connection?

The MetaBoost Connection was developed from passion and designed for function. It’s specifically engineered for women that are over 40 and fabulous to regain control of their life, and quite literally, reshape their body.

This is accomplished using the RIGHT combination of Supreme Super Foods, or ‘MetaInfluencers’, and the RIGHT targeted exercises and muscle-concentrated, isometric movements. The MetaBoost Connection is a complete nutrition and fitness system, a MetaLifestyle, and with just a few minutes a day… it can do


MetaBoost Connection

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  • Naturally Charged Metabolism Promoting Sustainable Energy As revealed by sevearl Harvard Health studies, the right combination of Supreme Super Foods, or ‘MetaInfluencers’, coupled with the right hyper-focused, low impact, high result exercises… can help accelerate metabolism and weight loss. 1 2 3 4
  • A Total Transformation In Mind, Body, Spirit & Life! The MetaBoost Connection has helped my clients look and feel better than they have in years… sharper, leaner, more energetic, and excude confidence that everyone around them noticed.
  • Healthy And Vibrant From The Inside, Out. Living a ‘MetaLifestlyle’ may naturally balance hormones and reduce inflammation helping people feel less ‘puffy’ and sluggish. Better sleep, moving around with less pain, more radiant, youthful complexion have all been reported benefits.
  • Tightened & Toned. The carefully designed ‘MetaBody’ exercise program focuses on power and precision. It’s low impact, high performance, easy-to-do movements concentrates on and targets the notorious ‘4 L’s’ women over 40 tend to have: lower belly, love handles, lifted butt, and lose arms.
MetaBoost Connection

Here’s The Buzz

Case Study: Jill's Story

Lizzy Testimonial

Meet Jill W. She’s from the United Kingdom and has two daughters. She was feeling tired, frustrated and ready to give up hope on ever achieving weight loss at her age… and keeping it off. Jill started fighting that upward battle of yo-yo dieting and tried a mix of things to lose weight: juicing programs… detoxes… fitness bootcamps. She finally found the right combination of nutrition AND fitness routines targeted for +40 women, and leaped over that weight-loss hurdle with ease.

sweet Testimonial
I struggled with weight my entire life. Before Meredith's program, I sometimes worked out twice a day... running, spinning, Pilates... I just couldn't take the weight off. After I started Meredith's program, I literally shed the pounds. In months, I lost more weight than I did with any other program. It was truly amazing.

~ Danielle

*Results may vary

Carol Anne
I lost 9 Ibs and 11​ 12 inches... I'm sleeping better, my mind is clearer, my skin's clearer, I'm losing weight, I'm losing inches... I'm very pleased with that. Meredith can help you achieve your goals. Just do it!

~ Carol Anne

*Results may vary

Meredith's diet, nutrition, and healthy living program is fantastic... I have my flattest belly ever, thanks to Meredith! It's changes my body incredibly in just a month's period. Her program is amazing, you have to try it!

~ Sarah M.

*Results may vary

I'm still surprised at what just one week can do... my belly definitely became more defined, my face looks less 'puffy' ... and my confidence level shot up. And my energy level is higher than it's ever been before in my life!

~ Maggie

*Results may vary


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